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Do you want to work with somebody who really "gets" you? 


Are you ready to truly face your unconscious patterns that hold you in an unhealthy place? Are you living in a stable/miserable relationship? Is it time to either fully commit or walk away? Or are you a seeker who wants to explore yourself at a deeper level?
Embarking on a therapeutic relationship with Kathy Wells is actually entering into a deeper relationship with yourself.

In therapy with Kathy, you’ll explore topics like:

  • How your personal stories and patterns are really spiritual dynamics

  • Are you a victim of your own psychology?

  • Work on yourself is really World Work

  • How to practice full-respect living

  • Living a relational life

  • Holding energy patterns in your body: feelings vs. emotions

  • Emotional maturity is sexy and hip

  • Learn to love your functional adult self

  • The five core issues of emotional maturity and how to use them

  • “I’m not sick—I’m just immature!” What’s the difference?

  • Practical techniques for more direct, honest, and productive communication

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