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About Kathy Wells

Kathy Wells is not your conventional psychotherapist. Ever questing for more knowledge and a deeper connection with herself and those around her, Kathy has studied with masters and teachers across a vast expanse of disciplines, philosophies, and techniques. She integrates these myriad teachings and modalities with her own personal experience and perspective, and bestows the results on her clients and students, family and friends.


For more than 25 years, Kathy has worked as psychotherapist in private practice in Denver, Colorado. Kathy’s approach makes her clients dig deep to find and address the root cause of their issues and pain, rather than applying a quick-fix to the obvious symptoms. She doesn’t believe in being a victim of your own psychology, and has absolute faith in the notion that we can, each of us, learn to grow up and be healthy, functional, relational adults.


Kathy’s work is currently focused on Quantum Psychology; she teaches a practical and understandable method of using words and language to make subtle energetic patterns tangible and malleable. Her work with couples and individuals helps each person recognize, own, and break their destructive patterns and behaviors in favor of a more grounded, happy and meaningful life experience.



Kathy has a unique ability to normalize our crazy behaviors and belief sets so we can step up and really change them, once and for all.

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